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  • Who should consider Personal Care services?

    • Personal Care services can cover a broad range of activities that are helpful to lots of people. In a nutshell, our services are designed to support seniors, the disabled, new parents, individuals recovering from illness, injury or surgery, those in need of long term or short term care, and anyone who lacks the time or energy to get everything done in a day.
    • The services we provide in a client’s home are personalized to the individual in need. We have clients who only require a couple of brief visits during the week for assistance in the home, companionship or respite care for the primary caregiver. Other clients require more support with daily visits, or even round the clock supervision. We also cater to families who struggle to meet the needs of a loved one who needs assistance, but wishes to remain in his or her home.
    • Ultimately, personal care services can be the answer that many people and families are looking for. To learn more, please contact one of our offices to find out if our services are a good fit for your needs.
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  • How does Personal Home Care compare to an assisted living facility?

    • Unlike an assisted living facility, personal home care services are very flexible. Due to the fact that services are only provided when needed, personal care can be a fitting solution in many situations and also fits various budgets.  If you require an increase in our services, we can fill those needs just as we can lessen our support if your needs decrease, as in the case of recovery. We also provide as-needed respite care for caregivers who need a few hours of rest each week, or who are planning a vacation.
    • Additionally, many of our clients find the one-on-one attention from our Personal Care Aides fulfill physical and companionship needs. But, maybe the most important difference between in-home personal care and an assisted living facility, is the enjoyment our clients receive from remaining in the comfort of their homes.
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  • In what areas of Virginia are your services available?

    • Personal Touch Home Care Services serves Southside Virginia, including Brunswick, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Greensville, Isle of Wight, Prince George, Southampton and Sussex counties, as well as the cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Emporia and Petersburg. Click here to find an office closest to you.
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  • How much does the service cost?

    • Unlike an assisted living facility that charges round the clock, even if care is not being given at all times, personal care services are only billed for the time in which care is given. This method allows us to design a plan that suits your needs and your budget.
    • We also accept various methods of payment including long term insurance, Medicaid, worker’s compensation and private pay. Please contact the office closest to you to learn more about our costs, payment options and how personal care services are often a more affordable option than managed-care facilities.
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  • Is there a written plan of care for each client? Are clients and family members involved in putting it together and reviewing it?

    • Yes. Our RNs will identify potential hazards specific to your loved one’s health care situation and help create solutions to avoid those dangers. Then the RN, Personal Care Aide and family members or other caregivers collectively develop the plan of care. We make sure clients and loved ones understand the plan and have access to it at all times, so we post it in the home. Additionally, the plan is routinely reviewed and updated by the RN who includes the family members and caregivers in this process.
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  • How do I know that the Personal Care Aide who comes into my home knows how to provide proper care?

    • Our professional staff of Registered Nurses carefully review the plan of care with the Personal Care Aide assigned and conduct an on-site orientation. We make certain that the client and the Personal Care Aide are clear about the assigned duties and responsibilities.
    • On occasion, however, some clients have circumstances or needs which may require additional training. We are equipped to provide this specialized training in addition to the continuing education training we provide to our staff.
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  • What happens if I want to change which caregiver comes into my home?

    • We fully understand the importance of this being a healthy, friendly relationship and will make every effort to provide a Personal Care Aide who is compatible with and increases the security and comfort a client feels in his or her own home. We strongly encourage you to let us know if you ever want to change Personal Care Aides.
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  • What if my Personal Care Aide is sick or goes on vacation?

    • We have a full staff of excellent, caring caregivers that are ready on a moment’s notice in case of sickness or emergency. We require advanced notice of any vacation requests, so finding coverage is not usually an issue.
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  • How are the Personal Care Aides compensated?

    • All of our Registered Nurses, Nursing Aides and Personal Care Aides are employees of Personal Touch Home Care Services. We simply invoice you or your long term care provider for the services rendered, and we take care of paying the caregivers, along with handling their taxes, insurance, benefits and other administrative needs.
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  • What do I do if I need assistance on short notice?

    • We always have an RN on call to offer assistance at any time of the day or night. Clients and their loved ones have access to call us for any reason at any time using our toll-free numbers.
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  • What certifications/memberships does Personal Touch Home Care Services have?

  • Is Personal Touch Home Care Services licensed by the state?

    • Yes, each of the localities are licensed by the Virginia Department of Health.
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  • Are staff members bonded through the agency?

    • Yes, each of the companies in Personal Touch Home Care Services has bonding insurance. 
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